LEARN MORE Brian Gewirtz Memorial Foundation, a local charity in Brooklyn, NY, with its dedication to raising disability awareness, has many resources that people with disabilities may find helpful.
LEARN MORE With our special fundraising events in Brooklyn, we aim to give scholarships more than ever.
LEARN MORE Through healthy community projects, we attempt to enhance lives of people with disabilities.

Local Charity in Brooklyn NY for the Disabled

We believe that improving disability awareness can empower disabled people and give them the chance to break barriers and change attitudes. Helping Disabled People. Changing Lives.

Awareness Non-Profit

We are dedicated to disability awareness, whether physical, mental, emotional or developmental. Our mission is to bring attention to disability awareness through education and stop the stigmas associated with various disabilities. If the stigmas can be overcome there will be more opportunities for people with a disability in all aspects of life.

Creating Opportunities
For The Disabled

Fifty years ago, the prospects for a child born with disabilities were stark – a life of isolation and devoid of education. Well, not anymore!

As a non-profit charity in Brooklyn NY for people with disabilities, we aim to increase opportunities through scholarships and donations to help the disabled reach their goals. We understand that people with disabilities are entitled to lives of opportunity, independence and dignity, and when included and empowered, the whole society can reap benefits from them. Therefore, we focus on expanding employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities and help them improve their quality of life.

The foundation will raise money by holding various charitable events during the course of each year to generate funds. The funds will be allocated for scholarships as well as donations to other large non-profits for the good of the disabled. The foundation will operate as a tax exempt 501©3 non-profit corporation.
Our EIN number is 47-4295037.

Why We Do What We Do as a Small Local Charity in Brooklyn

Brian went missing from his home after taking a walk on February 17, 2015. He was discovered on April 2, 2015, his life tragically cut short just before his 21st birthday in May. Brian was a lifelong Marine Park, Brooklyn resident. A 2012 graduate of James Madison High School, a Boy Scout Eagle Scout from Troop 531 Brooklyn, and received his computer programming diploma posthumously from Bramson ORT college.

His friends and family wish to honor the life he led by establishing the Brian Gewirtz Memorial Foundation. His latest favorite quote was “What is life without sparkle?” We hope to help others with disabilities through this foundation and bring a little “sparkle” into other’s lives the way Brian would have wanted.



Looking for a charity near to donate to? Join us to make a difference in the lives of those with disabilities. Make a donation today!

Brian Gewirtz Memorial Foundation is a disability charity in Brooklyn, NY that appreciates all the support from our donors. Since 2016, numerous children, families and adults with disabilities have benefitted from our charity. Your generous contributions allow us to provide scholarship as well as other valuable opportunities to disabled people, so they can fulfill their dreams.