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About Brian Gewirtz Memorial Foundation – In loving memory of Brian

If you knew Brian, you knew he had several disabilities, but he never let anything stand in his way. When asked if he needed help with anything he always replied, “I’m fine.” Brian liked to try to accomplish things on his own; he did things in his own way and in his own time. One of his greatest accomplishments was his Boy Scout Eagle Award. Seeing that his grandfather needed help obtaining services as a senior citizen, he decided to hold a senior citizen fair at a local senior care center for his Eagle Project. Seniors could get a cataract screening from an eye doctor or medication screening from a pharmacist. There were applications for food stamps, and even an estate planning attorney attended as a guest speaker. The NYC Fire Department also came and gave a talked about fire safety. In addition to this, he was able to give all participants a bag full of information and freebie samples. He had close to one hundred participants at his event.

Through scouting he also developed a great love of nature and animals. One day he went with his aunt Titi Laura and the family to Sean Casey Animal Rescue (SCAR) to help deliver donated items and visit the animals.

We needed to be outside with the animals because it was too loud inside, but magically Brian stayed inside for hours! Titi Laura asked him how he was able to handle that especially since he had auditory issues. He looked at her and simply said that it was not noise, it was the animals communicating their need for love and attention. He was very insightful. He then proceeded to take the volunteer class to become an official SCAR volunteer. He said it made him happy to know he helped the animals, even if it was just for a little while, and wished more people would help too. What made Brian sad was why people would buy an animal when such a variety was available for adoption. Brian had a big heart and an even bigger one when it came to animals. He adored his dog Lucy and spent any free time he had with her. In fact, he was fond of all living creatures–including his Aunt Laura’s turtles. He would spend an hour or more just with the turtles when he visited his Aunt Laura and Uncle Karl.

Brian hated injustice and wished the world was a safer and more fair place. He also wished that people would just listen more to each other and be kinder to each other. He said if they did, the world would be a much better place. No one can disagree with that logic. We should all think more like he did and this is what the Brooklyn NY memorial foundation named after him believes in.

Brian had a great sense of curiosity on how things worked. He was initially studying mechanical engineering technology and then changed to study computer programming and game design. Whenever most things broke in the house, his mom Kathleen could count on Brian to fix it. He often pondered philosophy and politics and his logic made one stop and think. He was a lot of fun, great to talk to and would offer the best insight. Brian also had his not so good days due to his disabilities, but the family would give him his space and those moments would pass.

Brian was an on-line gamer. He loved playing video games especially with his best friend, Daniel, who was like a brother to him. He also looked forward to his brother Chris coming home from college to challenge him in the games. He looked up to Chris as a role model and the two were inseparable since childhood. He also deeply loved his sister Lisa and watched over her as an older brother typically does, concerned for her safety as well as her future. When Lisa was younger he picked her up from the after school program, but often would let her stay just a little bit longer so she could finish playing. He wrote smiley notes on her lunch bags and loved seeing her happy. They fought too, as siblings normally do, but love always won out!

Brian had a powerful smile that lit up the entire room, a smile so bright that you could feel the warmth of his soul and his laughter was contagious. He loved to joke with friends and family and make people laugh and smile. He loved to act silly whether by acting goofy or just wearing something sparkly like a party hat. He always had the greatest facial expressions that can be witnessed in every photo of him. He cared about people’s well-being and wanted the best for everyone he knew.

Brian loved to challenge himself to learn new things and was passionate about learning to fly a plane someday. He was going to take his first flying lesson with his Dad, Steven, for his 21st birthday, but fate had other plans. He also loved to make things out of wood, making a carving of a whale, a spoon as well as a sword. Brian loved hearing his sister Lisa play her instruments in concerts and was also learning to play the piano.

Brian accomplished more than most complete in a life-time, but Brian had much more to give with both his talents and gifts. He was a good, caring, loving young man who was taken away from us too soon but his memory will live on in us all. His life and smile will never be forgotten.

We hope to carry on Brian’s legacy through the Brian Gewirtz Memorial Foundation in Brooklyn, NY and spread his love to others with disabilities through various sponsorships and scholarships in the years to come.

With Our Gratitude,
Brian’s Family and Friends



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Brian Gewirtz Memorial Foundation is a disability charity in Brooklyn, NY that appreciates all the support from our donors. Since 2016, numerous children, families and adults with disabilities have benefitted from our charity. Your generous contributions allow us to provide scholarship as well as other valuable opportunities to disabled people, so they can fulfill their dreams.